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  • Jessie Farmiloe
    Jessie Farmiloe--- Offline
    Release anxiety, stress, trauma and PTSD to move you towards living a vital life.
  • Paola Borgia
    Paola Borgia--- Offline
    Helping you changing from the inside out, by activating your inner wisdom and get your power back
  • Dawson Church
    Dawson Church--- Offline
    EFT Tapping has changed my life, and can transform even long-standing problems. Tap here today!
    FRANK HIGHTOWER--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Evie Soemardi
    Evie Soemardi--- Offline
    Reduce your pain and confusion to find your centre again and move forward with clarity.
  • Jason Wesley Storer
    Jason Wesley Storer--- Offline
    Experience with healing depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, and related issues with energy work.
  • Shaylee Flook
    Shaylee Flook--- Offline
    Be supported, share with me what you are dealing with and Tap ease into your life.
  • Narnia Dawn Breathes
    Narnia Dawn Breathes--- Offline
    Fast, effective stress relief.
  • Penny Hill
    Penny Hill--- Offline
    Stress. It's a big deal. It shows up in so many ways, obvious and subtle.
  • Megan Chambers
    Megan Chambers--- Offline
    I specialise in stress relief and clearing blocks to accessing your highest Self. Australia-based.
  • Laura Prechel
    Laura Prechel--- Offline
    A gentle approach to releasing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, PTSD and trauma.
  • Melanie Fay
    Melanie Fay--- Offline
    Here for you to guide you through Gentle and Empowering work to release what no longer serves you.
  • Marybeth Eyler
    Marybeth Eyler--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Jemma Doak
    Jemma Doak--- Offline
    Are you over feeling tired, stuck & frustrated?
    Does your life not feel 'right' & you dont know why?
  • Karen Charman
    Karen Charman--- Offline
    I listen carefully and love using EFT to help people clear whatever is holding them back.
  • Allison Ewing
    Allison Ewing--- Offline
    Healing comes when core limiting beliefs are discovered & neutralized, quickly with EFT!
  • Jennifer Jackson
    Jennifer Jackson--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Kurt Anderson
    Kurt Anderson--- Offline
    Manage Stress, Overcome Anxiety, Unlock Your Highest Potential
  • Ros Bongiorno
    Ros Bongiorno--- Offline
    Transforming your relationship with food and your body so that you can achieve your health goals
  • Lindsay Lewis
    Lindsay Lewis--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Carol Bemmels
    Carol Bemmels--- Offline
    Want to feel better? Right now? EFT is the best way to get there. And stay there!
  • Cristina Gondolo
    Cristina Gondolo--- Offline
    A loved one with ADHD? Facing a move, stress, incertitude? Exhale. I can help. Fluent in 4 languages
  • Rose Winter
    Rose Winter--- Offline
    Healing might be closer than you think.
  • Karolina KARO Zbikowska
    Karolina KARO Zbikowska--- Offline
    Fast and effective crisis management (COVID-19 CRISIS). Fast relieve of your overwhelming emotions.
  • Carrie Flemming
    Carrie Flemming--- Offline
    Release overwhelm and worry, engage the wisdom of your body, and step into the present moment.
  • Suzanne Velasquez-Sheehy
    Suzanne Velasquez-Sheehy--- Offline
    I look forward to helping you with your issue so that you can move forward after your session.
  • Sherry Rueger Banaka
    Sherry Rueger Banaka--- Offline
    Let's tap into your inner wisdom to transform your distress and discover new possibilities.
  • Marian Buck-Murray
    Marian Buck-Murray--- Offline
    Helping sensitive, empathic people boost courage, confidence and success.
  • Jemma Voisin
    Jemma Voisin--- Offline
    I love helping people facilitate change in their lives thorough using EFT. It delights me to see a client completely change the way they see an issue after using EFT.
    I also encourage clients to use simple yet effective meditation techniques to balance their nervous systems and help them feel good throughout their day .
    Holistic health and healing has been my passion for the last 25 years. Previous to being trained in EFT I practiced massage, Reflexology and Reiki.
  • Sue_Applied Techniques
    Sue_Applied Techniques--- Offline
    As an Emotionologist, I help you turn your negative emotions into positive actions with EFT Tapping
  • Tina T
    Tina T--- Offline
    I love helping overwhelmed professionals and students deal with stress, pain, and insomnia.
  • Claudette Pelletier-Hannah
    Claudette Pelletier-Hannah--- Offline
    Weight and Wellness Coach who supports people to live happier, healthier lives in smaller pants.
  • Fiona Schipke
    Fiona Schipke--- Offline
    I am looking forward to meeting you, listening and tapping with you.
  • Nelida Dunigan
    Nelida Dunigan--- Offline
    Your empowering moment is now! I'm a certified Intentional Communicator that provides a safe space.
    USERFLOW_TEST--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Maria DePasquale
    Maria DePasquale--- Offline
    If you are looking for wholeness and transformation, you have come to the right place.

    Love and belonging keep us feeling strong and connected. Fear and overwhelm keep us questioning our worth, our value, and careen us out of balance. All of it is human. How much time you spend in each is not as simple as making a choice, but it is as simple as learning new ways to navigate.

    How do I know this? Because my life was careening out of balance when I was introduced to EFT. I am an RN. For 40 years I have practiced my profession. Most of those years as a hospice nurse, guiding people and their families as they voyaged through challenges of knowing life's end is near. I learned much about living from them.The work was often messy, emotional and cherished.

    One day after an especially satisfying visit to a home, the chaplain, new to this work, was full of gratitude. "Call me any time. I love working with you. I've learned so much."

    We hugged. I got in my car and cried. Why is this happening?

    I learned in giving such tremendous care to others I was not caring for myself. My energy was depleted. At home my energy bank empty, I sat on the couch watching tv, eating lifeless food, disinterested in date nights, grumpy and self critical. At work, I put on a happy face and scavenged all of my energy to give to those in "real need".

    I'd been struggling with variations of this story for all of my life. No longer was I willing to ignore it. Enter EFT.

    Yes, it's weird.
    Yes, it seems to good to be true.
    Yes, it's extremely successful for stress reduction & relief from all that stress can escalate.
    Yes, it can decrease physical pain.
    Yes, it can give you more breathing space and hope for a larger life.

    No, it doesn't make life perfect.
    No, it's not for everyone.

    EFT is for you if you are:
    Curious & willing to explore
    In search of connection
    Yearning to live more fully
    Ready for a new beginning
    Done with "same old ways"

    Is this you? Let's work together.
    Thank you.
  • Shirin Forrester
    Shirin Forrester--- Offline
    Expert in GeneralI speak: English
  • Esti Allina-Turnauer
    Esti Allina-Turnauer--- Offline
    Take the first step on your healing journey no matter where you are now.
    Languages: English, Hebrew
  • PennyS
    PennyS--- Offline
    EFT, Matrix, and other modalities are powerful in defusing emotional explosives that stay with us.
  • Anne Siret
    Anne Siret--- Offline
    Anne is a bilingual English/French psychodynamic analyst (Jungien) and psychotherapist/counsellor, c
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